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The Choral Workshop

A masterclass series developing the local choral ecosystem.

KorMalta has launched Malta's first ever initiative aimed at providing guidance and professional training for choral singers and choir directors coming from different choirs, ensembles and backgrounds. The programme is divided into 5 different workshops spread around the year and choristers/conductors who are active within parish or other local choirs are invited to participate.


The workshops are being organised by KorMalta in collaboration with Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori (AERCO), Italian Institute of Culture and the Archdiocese of Malta. 

Upcoming Workshop

Applications are now open for the upcoming workshop focusing on

The World of Opera taking place between Saturday 4th February and Sunday 5th February 2023. 

Click below to Learn More or Apply for this workshop.


Workshops are free of charge, available to a limited number of participants on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Power of Gregorian Chant

Medieval Sounds

In the first masterclass, participants will be analyzing chants from the Graduale Simplex, Graduale Triplex and the Hartker antiphonary. The workshop will be lead by Mro. Luca Buzzavi, Teacher of Choir Direction for Music Didactics at the Conservatory "N. Rota" in Monopoli, Lecturer in Choral Training at the ISSM "Vecchi Tonelli" of Modena and Choir Director and Vocal Trainer at the "C. G. Andreoli" Foundation in Mirandola.

Dates and Time: 

Friday 21 October: 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 22 October: 9:30am to 12pm & 1pm to 4:30pm Sunday 23 October: Sung Holy Mass

Gregogian Chant
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The World of Opera

Notes from Italy

In the second Masterclass, participants will be delving deep into the characteristics and techniques of Opera. During the masterclass, the participants will gain a historical overview of opera choirs from their origins to realism, with particular attention to sacred choirs in Opera melodrama. The workshop will be lead by conductor Daniele Sconosciuto - didactic coordinator and member of the Board of Directors of the Association "Le Muse e il Tempo - Centro di formazione ricerca e didattica della musica" and AERCO. 

Dates and Time: 

Saturday 4th February: 4pm to 6pm

Sunday 5th February: 2pm to 5:30pm

6:30pm Recital Performance

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Masterclass #3

Applications for this workshop will be released in due course.



Masterclass #4

Applications for this workshop will be released in due course.

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Masterclass #5

Applications for this workshop will be released in due course.

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