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Welcome to the new season of KorMalta - Programme 2021/2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It is an immense pleasure to present this season that flourishes after a challenging period for everyone.

I would like to briefly underline the most characteristic features of this season that marks some really important news.

This year we have organized auditions for the choir artists receiving 63 applications for admission from Malta and abroad: a really encouraging result.

At the local level we are proud to have received renewed trust from the choir artists who have worked with us over the years, who have agreed to undergo new auditions, a process that marks the will to grow with ever greater professional involvement.

At the international level we have selected some choristers from abroad, testifying that ours is seen with interest even overseas.

In general, through the choir Malta is managing to professionally recognize its talents, this is a process still in its embryonic phase but which must absolutely grow in the future: there are great professionals in the musical field that with the further growth of KorMalta could find a fair recognition of their acquired skills.

Another important reality in this regard is the introduction in the choir of a Program of Voice Leaders: with pride the choir makes use of professionals in the field to deepen and support the choir in the most technical aspects of vocality, so as to be able to work with specificity of sound on each type of repertoire.

The season we present is the result of an intense activity of the artistic team and the working committee, the most important result achieved is that every concert that the choir will present will be a collaboration with another body or artistic institution. On this point I would like to put a strong emphasis, since it is the practical demonstration that the choir is a cultural infrastructure that meets the interest of different partners and therefore of different sectors of society.

This is what a choir must be, an organism of cultural representation and an artistic infrastructure useful for everyone.

Given these premises, our program is naturally based on three fundamental pillars: Education, Internationalisation and Community. The ground on which these pillars rest is the professional and professionalizing approach that leads the choir to be able to sustain a varied season in which all types of choral repertoire are faced.

With all our strength we wish to contribute to nourishing the cultural and spiritual progress of the Nation.

Enjoy the Music.

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