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KorMalta - The Armed Man
KorMalta jiftaħ is-separju għall-ewwel staġun

KorMalta jiftaħ is-separju għall-ewwel staġun

The original owner of the video is ONE Productions. Translation in English: KorMalta will continue their performances at Teatru Manoel, after an initiative set up by Arts Council Malta for Malta to have a National Choir. During the launch of the programme, considered to be ambitious, by KorMalta, it was said that this is an exciting project that is expected to enchant many people. The choir’s Artistic Director explained that there will be a challenging programme which will celebrate the composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, amongst others. "Our projects are basically from baroque, a baroque repertoire. We will do a homage, a homage to Beethoven, for his 250 year anniversary. With an interesting programme in the Manoel Theatre performing Ruins of Athens, that is a gem in the repertoire that is not very often represented. The choir is made up of members of the choir of the National Philharmonic Orchestra and new members who are expected to enchant audiences on various occasions. This is a high-level initiative, both for Malta and overseas. Amongst other things, the choristers will get an early start warming up their vocal cords, by singing at dawn in an occasion taking place at the Mnajdra Temples. The project Choral Music, Contemporary Choral Music, performed in Mnajdra Temples at the solstice. The mass is called sunrise mass, and we will perform that mass at six o’clock in the morning while the sun rises effectively, so we are trying even to use and to perform in different places and different, not only in auditoriums or in churches." Attending the programme launch was the Minister responsible for Culture, Owen Bonnici, who stressed that KorMalta has already started achieving success even in the first months since its inception. These types of entities have the aim to improve Malta’s culture. To love your country, you should be a person who aims to improve your own country’s culture. Thus we believe that what we are doing will be helpful for our country to keep moving forward.
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